Welcome to Placement test for IELTS Preparatory Classes.

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This pre-assessment exam is compromised of 140 questions in total for 2 major litening and reading skills. A 70 minutes time limit is applied and you can attempt this test twice.
1. They are discussing ______.
2. Sergio Mendes is playing at ____.
3. The early show is at _____.
4. They both want to see ______.

Listening 2

5. The woman is telling the man about _________.
6. The man asks the woman about _____
7. The disaster was ______

Listening 3

8. According to the listening, Gandhi fasted ______.
9. In 1948, Gandhi stopped eating for _______.
10. Gandhi’s assassin ______.

Reading 1

Body Talk

To communicate well with people of other countries, you must learn to speak well, right? Yes, but speaking isn’t everything. Some experts say only thirty percent of communication comes from talking. Your gesture and other non-verbal actions matter, too.

But in different cultures, the same action can have different meanings. When you have to meet someone from a different culture, be prepared. Do you know what kind of gesture and customs are appropriate?

Let’s look at shaking hands. North Americans like a firm handshake. But French prefer a light, short handshake. If you shake a French person’s hand the North American way, he or she may not like it. People in Eastern European countries and some Latino cultures prefer shorter handshakes, too. Hugging after shaking hands is also a common introduction there. Don’t be surprised if a Brazilian gives you a hug. If you misinterpret gestures of introduction, your friendship may get off on the wrong foot!

Everyone around the world knows the OK hand gesture, don’t they? But in Spain, parts of South America, and Eastern Europe, the OL sign is considered rude. And if you go shopping in Japan, it means you’d like your change in coins instead of bills. In France, making the OK sign means “zero” or that something is worthless. So check before you use the OK sign to be sure it’s OK!

Understanding even a few key gestures from different cultures can make you a better communicator. So next time you travel, try being culturally sensitive. Find out the local gesture and let your body talk.
1. Seventy percent of the communication comes from _____ .
2. ______ prefer a firm handshake.
3. According to the article, ____.
4. If your friendship “gets off on the wrong foot”, it _____.
5. The author advises that visitors to other countries should _____.

Reading 2

Comics: Trash or Treasure? 

In Japan, they call them manga; in Latin America, historietas; in Italy, fumetti; in Brazi, historiaem quadrinhos, and in the U.S., comics. But no matter what you call them, comics are a favorite source of reading pleasure in many parts of the world.

In case you’re wondering how popular comics are, the best-selling comic title in the US sells about 4.5 million copies a year. All of Mexico’s comic titles together sell over 7 million copies a week. But Japan is by far the leading publisher of comics in the world. Manga account for nearly forty percent of all the books and magazines published in Japan each year. And a few magazines of any kind in the world can match this number: Shonen Jump, the leading comic title, has a circulation of 6.5 million copies per week!

Ever since comics first appeared, there have been people who have criticized them. In the 1940s and 50s, many people believed that comics were immoral and that they caused bad behaviors among young people. Even today, many question whether young people should read them at all. They argue that reading comics encourages nad reading habits. 

But some educators see comics as a way to get teenagers to choose reading instead of television and video games. And because of the art, a number of educators have argued that comics are a great way to get children think creatively. More recent research has suggested that the combination of visuals and text in comics may be one reason young people handle computers and related software sp easily. 

In Japan, the Education Ministry calls comics “a part of Japan’s national culture, recognized and highly regarded abroad.” Comics are increasingly being used for educational purposes, and many publishers there see them as a useful way of teaching history and other subjects. 

No matter how you view them, comics remain a guilty pleasure for millions worldwide.
6. Comics are most popular in  _____.
7. 6.5 million is the numbe of ____.
8. People who criticized comics said they ____.
9. Comics do not ____.
10. The Japanese Education Ministry views comics as ______.

General Test: Page 1

1. A: What’s your typical week like?
    B: ______

2. A: So, what are you doing on Saturday?
     B: ______

3. A: Would you like chicken or fish?
    B: ______
4. A: Where were you last night?
    B: ______
5. A: I broke my arm.
    B: _____
6. A: Let’s go shopping.
    B: ____
7. A: Could you please close the window?
    B: _____
8. A: What do you like to do in your free time?
     B: _____
9. She doesn’t have a computer at home. She _____ at work.
10. Today is Monday. The day after tomorrow is _____.
11. It’s 10:00 A.M. I’m meeting Allyson at 3:00 PM. We’re meeting _____.
12. I’d like something to drink. Could you get me some ____.
13. Are you going shopping? We need a  ____ of bread.
14. It’s September. William’s birthday was two months ago. His birthday was in ____.
15. The shower is in the _____.
16. Alex’s hair isn’t curly. It’s _____.
17. Robert ____ right now.
18. When my wife is late for work, she _____ on her makeup in the car.
19. I _____ my sister yesterday, but she wasn’t there.
20. If she ____ home, she’s going to relax.

General Test: Page 2

21. A: Excuse me. I’m looking for the Beekman Gallery.
      B: ____
22. A: Tell me something about your family.
       B: Sure. ___
23. A: Where are you off to?
      B: _____
24. A: How would you like to pay for it?
       B: ______
25. A: Can we make the 5:00 train?
       B: ____
26. John and Carl are brothers. John’s wife is Carl’s _____.
27. You use a ______ to send a copy of your document to someone else over the telephone line.
28. Rice is a grain, and _____ is a dairy product.
29. Bruce hardly ever exercises. He’s really ______.
30. Women’s tights are in the ______ department.
31. The concert is _____ Saturday, June 4th.
32. ______ your sister live?
33. We _____ a new laptop this afternoon.
34. _____ milk in the fridge.
35. There is roast chicken on the menu. ______ roast chicken comes with soup.
36. Sonia wants to see a movie, but she has an exam tomorrow. She ______ study tonight.
37. Luke never ______ dinner.
38. I’ll take the green polo shirt. Can you gift wrap _____ for me?
39. What ______ last night?
40. These loafers aren’t ______. They’re very uncomfortable.

General Test: Page 3

41. I ______ my husband in 2003.
42. Rose has ______ seen that movie.
43. Anthony _____ in London since 2001.
44. ______ her later?
45. You ____ make a reservation soon. That restaurant is very popular.
46. Luckily, I ______ a seat belt when I had the accident.
47. I bought _____ shampoo at the drugstore.
48. I ____ to exercise.
49. My husband is tired ____ working in New York.
50. That photograph _____ by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1954.
51. Our old laptop was _____ fast as the new one. The new one is much faster.
52. Is this car ____ ?
53. If we eat in a restaurant, I  ______ the bill.
54. If I found a wallet, I _____ it.
55. A _____ movie is very strange or unusual, in a negative way.
56. In a car, the light that shows the direction you want to turn is the _____.
57. A comb, _____ , shampoo, and hair spray are hair care products.
58. A: _____
       B: No. It’s my first time.
59. A: You look down. What’s up?
       B: ______
60. A: Be sure not to miss the Louvre Museum while you’re in Paris.
       B: ______

General Test: Page 4

61. I’m on time, ____ ?
62. I _____ the movie when it came out on DVD.
63. I heard she lost a filling, so she _____ be at the dentist.
64. My wife needs to have this dress _____ by Saturday.
65. She got her mother _____ the wedding.
66. Andre _____ be a doctor, but he changed his mind.
67. Joe _____ married Amy. They would have been happy.
68. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a holiday _______ in Japan every spring.
69. Sunita invited her parents ______ for dinner on Saturday.
70. Could you tell me _______?
71. If I were you, I _____ buy it.
72. We _____ lost if we had called in advance for directions.
73. ______ the topic of the international conference.
74. Our friends encouraged ______ early.
75. It’s too dangerous ______ swimming at that beach.
76. Valencia is _____ the east coast of Spain.
77. Each country has customs and traditions about how to behave in social situations. These rules are called ______.
78. ______ happens when there is no rain for a long period of time.
79. A: Sorry we’re late. We got lost.
       B: ______.
80. A: _______
       B: No, I’m just browsing.

General Test: Page 5

81. I remember _____ holidays with my family when I was young.
82. Oh no! Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, and I forgot ______ her.
83. How many times _____ to the opera already this year?
84. Jason asked me _____ I had bought tickets yet.
85. I intend _____ aside some money each month.
86. By this time next year, Sam _____ his studies and will be working as an accountant.
87.  ______, Stacy would have lent him money.
88. ______ young people today prefer to dress casually.
89. Not only _____ here, but they didn’t call either.
90. Neither my parents nor my husband ______.
91. I can’t stand ______ talking during the movie.
92. Wild animals shouldn’t _____ as pets.
93. Mr. Reed needs this report for a meeting on Monday. It ______ be finished on time.
94. I don’t appreciate ______ forced to watch commercials in a movie theater.
95. The older people are when they marry, ______ children they have.
96. Are you going to wear that ______ shirt?
97. Jeff spends money carelessly, even when he doesn’t have a lot of it. He’s _____.
98. Don’t be so _____. You can’t believe everything you hear, you know.
99. A: ______
       B: No. But I wish I did. Why do you ask?
100. A: ________
         B: What’s the matter with it?

General Test: Page 6

101. I still _____ my mind about what I’ll do after school.
102. My brother-in-law loves to travel. He _____ over thirty countries.
103. People ______ break their promises can’t be trusted.
104. Michael didn’t see Kristin at the party. When he arrived, she ______.
105. I suggested that Debra _____ us there at 3:00 P.M.
106. I really hope that Thomas _______ too many hours this weekend.
107. I don’t believe in ______.
108. If Ruby ______ the luggage limits, she would have avoided extra charges.
109. If Ramon had made a reservation, he ______ in this predicament.
110. We will meet at the park at 10:00 A.M. ______ it rains.
111. His interview went very well. _______ , he didn’t get the job.
112. The doctors reported that their new study ________ there the following week.
113. In the future, cars ______ powered by an alternative energy source.
114. If gunpowder hadn’t been invented, other tools of war ______.
115. Irina has never studied English, but she has ______ a lot of English words from TV, movies, and the Internet.
116. I need to clean my house, but I’ve been putting _____.
117. Andrew said some pretty insulting things to me, but I decided not to let it bother me. I just ________.
118. To do this job successfully, you have to deal with difficult situations all the time. If you ______, it may be the job for you!
119. A: Did you hear the one about the doctor?
        B: No. ______
120. A: ________
         B: Well, you can’t be good at everything.