Premium Membership

To make your path to studying abroad even easier, the premium membership brings about a variety of services which not only ensure your successful application but also provide some financial benefits. This membership is applicable to all the majors of studies excluding medical science studies. These services include:

Continues consultations

Having that in mind that such application process takes almost 1 long year, most of the students face frustration and overwhelming situations during this period which often leads to a huge disappointment. Records show that this usually causes students to leave the application process unfinished in most of the cases.

Continuous consultation with our agents in the country of your destination, helps the students achieving their goal which is ultimately receiving the admission letter from their desired university. Your conversations throughout the whole process are done using our messaging app for android devices. Before becoming a premium member, make sure to download and install this mobile app from here.



Flight tickets

As a complimentary service of Studying Abroad to those who have applied for their future studies with us, we proudly arrange your travel with the Fly Studying Abroad, as our designated department for flight tickets. This service is provided to you online. You can currently book your flight tickets to destinations in Europe, China, Southeastern Asian countries. Domestic flights in Iran are also available to you for booking if you are planning for an appointment with embassies or sitting for language exams in other cities of Iran.

International student’s fee transfer

Upon application for international universities, there are some fees incurring those has to be transferred to the nominated international account by the university. As a means of facilitation provided by the premium package, our Premium Members are privileged to use our international student fee transfer services.

You must consult with your agent regarding the fee payments. International fee transfers are available only until you have got your admission.

Please be advised that the maximum amount allowed for such transactions for each person is 500 units of each currency listed below. Exchange rates are also being calculated in accordance with the provided list.

1 Australian Dollar = 16,000 Toman

1 Canadian Dollar = 16,000 Toman

1 Euro = 24,500 Toman


Note: The amount is not payable to personal accounts i.e. you can only transfer to your education provider overseas.

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