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To choose an appropriate room type, please refer to the table in the full description. Note that the contracts are for a 1 month period and will be granted to those who had already signed up for English classes.

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This item is exclusively available to serve the students who had chosen to study English in Kuala Lumpur. Student accommodation in close proximation to the language center in Kuala Lumpur will also be provided to make the studying experience at the highest level of leisure. The following table includes the types of room for a one month contract available:

Room type 1-2 month contract Deposit

(With private toilet and queen size bed)

1.5M Tomans 1.5M Tomans
Big Master

(With private toilet and queen size bed)

1.6M Tomans 1.6M Tomans
Large middle room

(with shared toilet and 2 single sized beds, sharing allowed, maximum 2 persons)

1.2M Tomans 1.2M Tomans

(with shared toilet and queen or single size bed)

1.1M Tomans 1.1M Tomans
Balcony big room

(with shared toilet and queen size bed with balcony)

1.3M Tomans 1.3M Tomans

Additional information

Room type

Master, Big Master, Large middle room, Medium, Balcony big room


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