Applying for a PhD degree

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PhD students who are willing to conduct their own research will learn about the path for admission and benefits of being a PhD student.



Undertaking a PhD program is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you might take in your life, especially when you consider going overseas for this purpose. It requires a precise evaluation from your side before making such a big decision.

Here at Studying Abroad, based on our huge background and several years of experience, we are pleased to share with you a few of the most important factors which help you to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. There are several options available for you each with their own unique requirements, yet the foundation for all is the same.

Download this file to learn how to pick the right program for yourself.

2 reviews for Applying for a PhD degree

  1. Farid

    Hello Mahsa,
    By downloading this audio you’ll understand the pathway toward securing a PhD position. Remember to leave us reviews after the download.

  2. Esson DORISCA


    • Farid (verified owner)

      Hi Esson,

      Are you planning to do a PhD in civil engineering? If so, which country are you planning for?

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