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Creating an enjoyable language learning environment for you in a place you wish to study, these language courses are being held internationally in a number of countries.

Select the location, language, and the level of study below and complete the payment at the end. We’ll contact you shortly with details about your booking either via email or phone call.


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The fact that learning languages in an environment far from your home country had been proved to be the most effective way to digest the skills required in communicating the new language. Aiming to facilitate this approach, there are various types of English language classes being held in Kula Lumpur in different levels of competency. However, if you still want to stay in Iran and spend your language learning courses at home, there are also German and French classes available in Tehran to attend.


English classes in Kuala Lumpur

Classes being held in Kuala Lumpur are running in General & Intensive English format with a study load of 28 hours per week for a duration of one month. The registration fee includes the book expenses as well. IELTS preparation courses have a study load of 16 hours per week. However, in order to be able to enrol in IELTS course, you need to first complete the General intensive courses. Registrations for IELTS courses will be accepted at the language center in Kuala Lumpur.

2019 Academic calendar is as followed for these courses:

August intake: Starts from 5th to 30th of August

September intake: Starts from 3rd of September to 2nd of October

October intake: Starts from 3rd to 30th of October

November intake: Starts from 31st of October to 27th of November

December intake: Starts from 28th of November to 24th of December



German and French classes in Tehran

German classes are being held privately in a one-on-one format in Tehran and French classes are being held online via Zoom platform, tailored to prepare you for future studies abroad. Levels of study for both languages are classified in A1, A2, B1, and B2. You might be needed to purchase the course books in accordance with your instructor advice. The sessions will last for 90 minutes and depending on your need, the classes are flexible throughout the week (i.e. 2 days/week up to 5 days/week). Depending on the assessment of the instructor the number sessions during the course varies from 12 sessions to 18 sessions for both language classes.

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Kuala Lumpur, Tehran

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English, German, French


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