Workshop: Introduction to IELTS


This workshop is specifically oriented for individuals who wonder to learn about the general information of the IELTS Academic Exam. In this workshop, we will cover various topics from the format of the test to regular monitoring of your progress.



Workshop: Introduction to IELTS

Are you planning to take the IELTS Academic Exam? There are some essential points you should know before you start. In this workshop, we cover all the general information you need to know about the exam and to plan your study. Here is a brief description of the topics we present in this workshop:

1. The test format

  • Introduction to different sections of the exam
  • Exam days and conditions


2. Scoring system

  • Each skill and band scoring system


3. Planning for the test

  • What to do before you start
  • Know your weaknesses and strength
  • Prepare an action plan


4. Practicing

  • Useful resources
  • Practicing efficiently to improve all four skills
  • Getting help from experts


5. Monitoring your progress

  • Taking Mock tests
  • How to analyze the results
  • Revise your strength and weaknesses
  • Revise your action plan


6. Booking the test

  • Look for a suitable test center
  • Choose the dates


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