Marketing Assistant Manager

Marketing as a life vessel of any successful business is one of the key areas of focus at Studying Abroad. Particularly when the communication of international peers is considered the importance of digital marketing becomes highlighted. As part of the strategic plans at Studying Abroad, we are looking for a professional digital marketer with a passion for graphic design, video editing and upholding marketing campaigns. We are currently active on Instagram and Telegram as the main source of communication with our clients with a total of almost 25000 followers on both platforms.


  • Experience with working on social media platforms
  • Qualification in Marketing, Management, Business or other relevant areas.
  • Excellent communication skills.


As a social media marketer, you’re responsible for:

  • Design and moderate image content for both Instagram and Telegram
  • Design and edit video contents for both Instagram and Telegram
  • Upholding digital marketing campaigns.
  • Upscaling the sales of items available at our Service Store.
  • Posting digital content on a daily basis.

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